Hirie is a singer-songwriter from Hawaii with a very unique reggae sound. She taught herself how to play the ukulele at a young age and she now tours the US with her band! From taking her family on the road to reaching out to all of her fans, there is no shortage of works to be done. Hirie is committed to her craft and will stop at nothing to realize her dreams!


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Pato Banton

Pato Banton has been involved in Reggae music for a long time. With no signs of slowing down, he continues to tour the world and entertain crowds of all races, walks and creeds. He had a huge hit in the 80's which set his career off not only as an artist, but also a teacher and mentor. This episode features a new single called "Powerful Love" with The Ambassador.

Tarik Nix

Tarik Nix is an artist of many genres. Having acquired his love for music from video games, he soon setup his own studio in Long Island and started working with many artists. He would eventually hone his craft in making the kind of music that he loves rather than what other's expected of him. This episode features his newest single "Colors."

Elise Trouw

Elise Trouw is a singer, songwriter, drummer, bassist, guitarist and pianist. She just released her first full length record "Unraveling," which she performed all the instruments on. She's only 17 but shares some extremely valuable information on building your social media account to thousands of followers and the importance of going out to play with other musicians.



Chester P Task Force

Chester P has been in the hip hop game for a long time and is definitely one of the pioneers of the UK scene. He makes music strictly for arts sake and has always been consistent in staying true to his way of life. In a world where cookie cutter artists are dispensable, Chester P is one of those rare poets that would be hard to replace! This episode features two tunes from Chester but I suggest you look him up on Google and check out his site at Real Talk Records.



Hannah & Annie

Hannah and Annie are two amazing musicians who are using loops and other elements to create their own unique style. Professionally trained since they were 6 years old, they have had a love for music almost all their lives and it really shows in their videos. Check them out on instagram @hannahplayskeys and @annieplaysguitar.



Asher Postman

Asher Postman recently remixed a hilarious video that went viral overnight. The tune is really dope but I am more amazed how focused he is on accomplishing his goals. With a clean mind and sights on the grand prize, Asher is sure to make big moves this year! This episode features the single "Curiosity" ft. Nikolas Warren.

Dubai was Lit Remix

The Artist Guide for Social Media


Justin Werner Interview

Justin Werner is an amazing singer/songwriter whose most recent tune "Without a Bang" was featured in the 2017 Sharon Stone film "Running Wild." Justin shares his experience from growing up with hardships that only inspired his musical endeavors. He tells us to trust your intuition so you always end up in the right place at the right time.

It's On You

When it comes to change, do you take action or do you just sit back and let the world evolve around you? If you don't make a decision about your life, somebody else is going to make it for you! This is exactly why you need to take control and lead yourself to the destination. This episode features "S/|\E" by Vitamer.

Breaking through Barriers

Breaking through personal barriers is essential for your success and the success of others. The least suspecting fan is watching your every move and you want to ensure that you are leading by example. Your intent is determined by your attitude so make sure you are grateful and show your fans the appreciation they deserve. This episode features "Good News" by Tibetan Sky

Chris Hornbrook Interview

Chris Hornbrook is not only a solid drummer but he is also a solid human. Talent is important but It takes a certain level of humility to achieve the goals that you want in life. Chris reveals just some of the many steps you must take to get there. This episode features the tune "Carry the Weight" by Senses Fail.

Positive Creations Interview

Today we took a little peak inside the mind of Chris Dyer of Positive Creations. Chris is one dedicated artist who knows the value of hard work and the rewards that come. It really comes down to the small feats that make your journey taste delicious. This episode features "They Came From The Sky ft. Yiani Treweeke" by Dysphemic

Represent Correctly

Potential investors and collaborators want to know who you are and what you're about. The best impression is always made by honestly representing yourself and your vision. This episode features "Zone" by Kompozart.

Interview with KBong

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin Bong of KBong and Stick Figure. He shared some very insightful knowledge on what it takes to be on tour for years and continuing with the mission! This episode features the single "Livin' Easy" ft. Stick Figure by KBong.

Authenticity is Relevant

Is your resumé still relevant like it was 10 years ago? Social media is starting to replace all of your credentials even college degrees. Education is important indeed but so is real authenticity. This episode features the single "Been On" by Legendary Temo.

Building your Brand with Andrew Mencher - WAS005

You may not realize but you are your own brand. Taking practical steps in building your company is essential to your success. Your ultimate victory takes time, hard-work and perseverance. This show features a track produced by R3N called "Traverse" by Case Closed & Versio.

The Artist Entrepreneur, Part 2 with Andrew Mencher - WAS004

What are the 3 traits of every successful entrepreneur? Today we sat down with Ace of thetreeintheforest.com to gain some new insight into what it takes to realizing ones full potential. This episode features the single "Broadcast" by Tani.

The Artist Entrepreneur, Part 1 with Andrew Mencher - WAS003

What does it take nowadays to be your own producer, songwriter, manager and creative individual? In an ideal world an artist only needs to think about creating art. But in our world today an artist needs to run the entire show to maximize their true potential. This week features the song "Sinner" by Gerry Skrillz.

Allies vs. Adversaries with Andrew Mencher - WAS002

Most people nowadays spend way too much energy spreading negativity rather than becoming an expert at their craft. Avoid these interactions and you will be successful in everything you do. This episode features "Powerful Love" by The Ambassador.

Introductory Show with Andrew Mencher - WAS001

Welcome to our first episode ever! This one features a singer-songwriter from Jamaica by the name of Zacheous Jackson. We would love to review your music and hear about your success stories.