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Conscious Reggae Music


April 2, 2020

Tyrant is a collaborative effort with MVIUM, an electronic producer in Norway. This song is about how technology is affecting all people and creating governments who abuse their powers. However, with all the madness including the newest coronavirus pandemic we are staying strong and coming together in positive ways to help identify what is essential for our people and planet to remain healthy and secure.

No Negative Vibes

February 12, 2020

Wisdom and Sound is a self-produced reggae artist who loves creating new music. This latest single is a message about staying positive especially when things get tough and not allowing people’s negative vibes to influence you in the pursuit of your dreams. Ladened with thick drums, a heavy bassline, bubbling organs, and an impressive guitar performance composed by Blaine Dillinger, this is quite possibly his best work to date.

Rude Boy

September 13, 2019

Wisdom and Sound and Gerry Skrillz come together on this reggae trap banger. The unique blend of rap bars over trap drum patterns and chill reggae tones bring together two musical worlds to create the perfect end of Summer vibe.

Wisdom and Sound EP

January 30, 2019

After spending many years in the studio recording and producing other artists, Wisdom and Sound decided it was time to release his own music. It was long overdue but imperative for him to debut his first 5 songs contained in this dynamic, self produced EP as his inaugural entry into the reggae world.


Andrew Mencher aka Wisdom and Sound is a self-produced reggae artist, drummer and audio engineer. He was raised in South Florida, from where he had many opportunities to explore Jamaica and most of the Caribbean Islands which ultimately inspired him to pursue a life in Roots Reggae Music.

As a youth he learned how to read music and play multiple instruments and eventually discovered that he could produce and record music on his computer. With this ever-burning passion, he decided to take his skill to the next level by attending Audio Engineering School at Full Sail University.

In 2004, he relocated to San Diego and became the Chief Audio Engineer at Rolling Thunder Studios which housed a Neve 8058 MKII recording console and one of the largest microphone selections in Southern California. He served as Pato Banton's Front of House Engineer in 2006 and toured as the drummer for many other reggae acts across the West Coast.

After spending many years in the studio recording and producing other artists, he decided it was time to create his own music. Andrew released his debut Wisdom and Sound EP in January 2019 and most recent single "No Negative Vibes" which is quite possibly his best work to date. He is excited to share new music and inspire other Reggae lovers across the globe.